The Ted Jordan Award is given to deserving recipients, chosen by at least a majority vote of the Directors and Executive Committee Members, in loving memory of our friend and colleague, Ted Jordan, a member of the Nashua Bar Association from 1967-2002.

Ted shared his life with Family, Friends and Country.  The Nashua Bar Association honors his adventurous spirit and his lifelong concern for helping to improve the welfare and happiness of all that he touched.  In his profession, Ted promoted congeniality, civility and camaraderie.  Ted always left people with a smile on their face.  The recipients of this award embody these same ideals.


2016 – Hon. James H. Leary

2015 – Thomas J. Leonard, Esq.

2014 – Catherine Shanelaris, Esq.

2013 – Jack S. White, Esq.

2012 – Marshall Buttrick, Clerk of Court

2011 – David M. Gottesman, Esq.

2010 – Kent M. Barker, Esq.

2009 – Hon. Joseph N. Laplante

2008 – H. Scott Flegal, Esq.

2007 – Hon. Paul S. Moore

2006 – Martha O’Neill, Esq.

2005 – Hon. William J. Groff

2004 – John V. Dwyer, Jr., Esq.

2003 – Joseph F. Gall, Jr., Esq.