The Nashua Bar Association Mentor program pairs up new lawyer members, members new to a practice area, or experienced lawyers but new members of the Nashua Bar Association with an experienced attorney mentor who can provide guidance and direction at no cost.  Attorneys seeking guidance in professional development, the legal practice, court procedure, area of practice, professional development and networking, and general legal practice guidance can request the assistance of a mentor.

The mentor and attorney can work together to decide the level of contact from having a single topic telephone conversation to scheduling an informal meeting to scheduling regular sessions with the mentor.  Our mentors are established and experienced attorneys of the Nashua Bar Association who volunteer their assistance.  The Nashua Bar will endeavor to connect attorneys to a mentor based on the needs of the attorney, the particular practice area, and the availability of a mentor.

If you are interested in a mentor, or volunteering to be a mentor, please e-mail us at or send us a message using the Contact Us form online!