The Nashua Bar Association first laid its roots in the Nashua, New Hampshire area in the 1940s and 1950s.  The original group consisted mostly of lawyers from town who met to discuss issues surrounding the practice of law.

The association then evolved into a slightly more organized group who attended fun-loving events at different venues across town.  The late Dick Leonard once talked about how local lawyers and their wives would meet at the restaurant in the location that is now Fody’s Tavern to celebrate and compare notes about cases.  Local lore also indicates that the old Green Ridge Turkey Farm saw many enjoyable evenings that were attended by the late Senator Warren Rudman, Lenny Lelishka, and many other prominent lawyers.

By the 1970s and 1980s, the association had grown into a more formal outfit, hosting larger groups of people at the former Howard Johnson’s (now the Nashua Audi dealership), while still continuing its tradition of informal comradery, too.  Judge Nicholas Panatelas held lamb barbeques in his backyard to welcome new lawyers into town and to celebrate with well-known local trial attorneys, such as Aaron Harkaway and Arthur Gormley.  The association even sponsored a local softball team for many years that was more of a social group than a serious athletic association.

Today, the Nashua Bar Association has transformed into a group of about 140 members that supports both its members in their continued practice of law and the local community, advocating in instances such as the attempted closing of the Superior Courthouse in 2012.

Our organization strives to adapt to the changing needs of its membership, which have been spurred by the technological changes in the way we practice law.  It is our hope that increased involvement by new, younger lawyers and our memberships’ continued presence within or legal community will lead on to the great success of our organization in the future.

Above Photo: Image © 2014 Peter D. Goldsmith, Esq. (Nashua Bar Member).